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All we do is totally committed to the child’s care, developmental growth and readiness for both school and life success.



The Arista Program is creative and designed to maximize the children’s learning experience with age-appropriate activities.



The staff here in Arista Preschool are experienced, tenured teachers and compassionate to take care of your children.

The Arista Preschool of Elk Grove is a beautiful facility tucked in a park like setting in east Elk Grove. The home like atmosphere has been a preschool for the past 50 years and has continually been updated to accommodate the needs of Elk Grove’s continual population growth. The Arista Preschool is a “children’s place”, meaning that all we do is totally committed to the child’s care, developmental growth and readiness for both school and life success.


Our Director, Corrin Ures, and her dedicated teaching staff average over 10 years of preschool teaching experience. Our low teacher to child ratios give every child greater opportunity for personalized attention and our educational program is based on what is in the child’s best interest based on the latest brain research. Our communication to the parent is part of our founding principles and a priority for a partnership that helps our children to grow with confidence and positive self- concept. The Arista….a children’s place.

1. The preschools I’ve visited have 12 to 1 children to teacher ratio. What are the Arista ratios?

The Arista offers an 8 to 1 ratio for our 3 and 4 year olds and 6 to 1 for our two’s. Research demonstrates that lower child to teacher ratios offer children the greatest chance for success and personalized attention and are the first priority in a quality program. It also offers a safer environment for children with smaller group sizes.

Does Arista offer a hot lunch or will I have to pack a lunch?

Not only do we offer a hot lunch but also a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack. Families are busy and we recognize that getting out in the morning can be stressful so we believe by offering a nutritious breakfast we can help our families get their day off in a positive manner. All our meals are guided by the nutritional mandates of the Federal Food Program and include fresh fruit and vegetables. We will work with families that might have food allergies or other cultural needs.

Speaking of food allergies, are nuts of any kind served on campus?

No, and in fact we are “A nut free zone”. We also ask parents that might want to bring treats for birthdays or special occasions to bring healthy, non- sugar treats.

How would explain your program?

Simply stated, the Arista is committed to offering every child and family a SAFE, CLEAN, ORGANIZED, PROFESSIONAL and EDUCATIONAL environment where the individual child is the focus. Our curriculum is a reflection of that and children are given the support and opportunity to find daily success. The latest brain research has shown that children from birth to 5 years of age are primed for the joy of learning when it’s a nurturing environment that challenges and allows for self -expression. All children are unique and must be accorded the opportunity to learn in ways that best suit their developmental level. Our teachers are trained in the program to spot those opportunities and to capitalize on them. Arista children leave us for Kindergarten ready for success in elementary school and for life.

How long does the typical teacher stay with the Arista?

The Arista has extremely low teacher turnover. Our teaching staff is stable which speaks to their commitment to the culture that they’ve help to create at the Arista.

How will I know what’s going on with my child?

The Arista is founded on what we term “Absolute Excellent Service”, which means we know that for the child to be successful the school and parent must be partners and on the same page for the child. We set that stage early on with our CARE program for new families and that continues on-going through our monthly newsletter, Parent’s Board in each classroom and phone calls and direct messages. We seek your input and parent participation.

What will my child learn at the Arista?

Simply stated, they will learn whatever and wherever their curiosity leads them. Our teachers love the inquisitive nature of the child and will lead them on their path to discovery. In that process the child will learn pre-reading skills through Zoo phonics and pre-math through our program of Math Their Way, They will learn to communicate with their friends and how to share appropriately with their friends. Everything from dinning with friends to pouring your own milk is a learning experience at the Arista and at an age when exploration is at its peak. What fun!!

How did the Arista come about?

Our founder, Dennis Vicars, has over 30 years of experience in early care and education. He has been the leader of a national childcare company, CEO of a large non-profit childcare association and advisor to one of California’s recent governors concerning early care and education. Dennis has also been a regular writer for the past 8 years for The EXCHANGE Early Care and Education magazine, which is the leading childcare journal for our field. After all these experiences as well as recent brain research and studies on early care and education practices, Dennis concluded that smaller environments with lower child to teacher ratios, along with a child centered curriculum was the best program to ensure a child’s greatest positive opportunity for growth and later success in life. All that with quality teachers in a positive educational culture were what was needed to create the BEST in preschool education. The name ARISTA is Greek for “the best” which is what we aim for in the care and education of young children.



Corrin Ures - Center Director

Anna Ortega - Asst. Director

Arista Preschool is creative and designed to maximize the children’s learning experience with age-appropriate activities.

Reading 90%
Learning 100%
Playing 80%
Having Fun 100%